Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Why do the Righteous Suffer...Great is our Lord!


I have a dear friend named Niki. We were pen pals when I was young and lonely, living on the mission field. She made me feel important and she was the best letter writer. We never actually met until years later, after losing contact, and we were roomates in college. I remember looking at my room list and thinking, "How do I know this name?" When I realized it was her, I was so excited. My far away dorm where I did not know anyone, didn't seem so far away. She was a great roommate.
Later her sister came to our college and you could tell they were very close. There were also really talented by God. They could sing, play the piano and they WROTE THEIR OWN MUSIC. My favorite song was a song Called "The Blood Speaks". It was incredible.
You can see Niki under my blog list. She writes about her precious little girl called Halley. What a great story there as well!
Just recently I got the news that her sweet sister was diagnosed with MS. I am telling you this, becuase I want you to meet her. She has a rock solid faith, and she is finding her comfort in the God. You must go read her story today.

I love the body of Christ.

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Moments of Grace said...

Tammy, I was so touched by your post today. Your ending comment regarding the body of Christ sums it all up. God is so good and so faithful--so ever present. How gracious of Him to give us each other. You have blessed me today.

In Grace,