Friday, March 13, 2009

Three post in one day!

Just wanted to encourage you to take advantage of the Easter Holiday coming up. If you go to there are all sorts of great things you can do to reach out to your neighbors. Many of my family and I are giving these great books by Jon Piper as gifts to those we want to reach.

You can get books at a special rate by ordering in large quantities. So we ordered 100 of these! The fields are ripe, but for how long?
Keep reading, there are 3 other post from today and one from last night, (If you have some catching up to do!)

Love you all.

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HugandRelease said...

Tammy can you e-mail me the photo's of this that you took so that I can add it to my web site too. Also can you send me the photo of Joshua and the one of leah's daughter Because I want to add a seperate section to my blog for prayer requests. Thanks! Oh! and bring me 5 more books and I'll get you that check! HUGS!!!