Sunday, March 1, 2009

Words from Nadene

I love what Nadene wrote to us today:

Please pray for me and Tim as we walk together, side-by-side holding Joshua's hand during this dark hour. God is getting us though this...He is holding us up. It reminded me of a piece of symbolizm that I visit often. I was looking at a small book I received a long time ago by a friend. It is a painting called Forgiven and was painted by Thomas Blackshear II. The artists rendering depicts a man holding a hammer in one hand and a large nail in the other. He is so exhausted and collapsed in Jesus' nail scarred hand amidst Jesus' shed blood. I praise the LORD for allowing such a realization of a portion what He truely is for us during these dark times. Even when we do not know the words to utter the Holy Spirit prays for us. This is a blessing God knows that we are so grieved at times His 3rd person takes over and interceeds for us. If you would please, agree with me in this prayer to God the Father by Jesus, our High Priest.

She ask us to continue to pray as Joshua is going full steam ahead in his fight with this Cancer. Pray that he has an understanding of what he must go through, and that the fear will become less and less.

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Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

Nadene's words and her faith are so beautiful. I am praying for her, Tim, and sweet Joshua. Oh, Lord...please carry this beautiful family...