Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Story, Never grows old

So I hate to fall into the routine of putting so much effort into a day called "Easter". And then give the Crucifixion, the life of Christ, the work of the Cross...any less attention the other 364 days of the year. But here this week came, and went, and all the best laid plans went astray. This week being just like any other week, way to busy and not enough of that business given to eternal things.
Then I went to an Easter Pageant tonight. I have a hard time with these things, because I find myself distracted by the people playing the parts. Mixing my knowledge of what Christ did, with my knowledge of the guy playing Jesus on the Cross. Can't separate the two... I get sidetracked, my mind know what I mean.
But then something happened. There came a scene, where Christ was blessing the bread and fish given by the boy. God multiplying it and blessing the crowd. The actors came out among us and handed us pieces of the bread. And a young girl began to sing... A song about being hungry for Christ. I held the piece of bread as tears began to form in my eyes, I felt like I needed to confess something to Christ. Then the next scene revealed something to my heart. (See, it's the power of the living Word). A story I had heard a million times... it was the scene of the woman brought before the Lord by her accusers. And Christ not accusing her, but giving them permission to stone her, if they had no sin and could cast the first stone. I looked at the bread in my hand and saw myself holding a stone.
You see, I am about to confess something. I am a stone caster. I have judged many people lately. More willing to cast stones than to pray for the people in my life. Thinking I have answers that I never got from the Lord. So my "above all wicked heart" was broken tonight. And I put down my stone. I actually put my piece of bread on my car center console. I want to be hungry for Christ, I want to share the body of Christ, and I don't want to have stones in my hand.
This Easter I am broken. And yet I am whole. Happy Easter. May the Living Word be New in You today.

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Michelle said...


Thanks so much for sharing. I find myself to a "stone caster" as well. That is one thing I need to work on too!

Hope you had a terrific Easter!