Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Joshua and Thoughtful Thursday!

Drinking A Bitter Cup
Posted 20 hours ago
Yesterday's chemo was hard for all of us, especially Joshua. Tuesday, the first day of chemo, was eight hours on the chemo IV drip. Thank God! because today it is only a couple of hours of the chemo. He is having pain from the chemo but praise God for the work it is doing on killing the big tumors in his little body. Prayerfully, We may be gone back home this Thursday. However, be praying, as I know you do, that the mouth sores, fever, and infections will stay away from Joshua and that we will have an uneventful...restful, shrinking tumors, and timely chemo on this his cycle 3 of chemo.
Joshua is coming to life inspite the chemo...not unlike the medicine that we are given by has healing factors but can be painful at times. God is there through it all to support us...just as he is for Joshua, Tim, and I. I thank Him for His presence at all times

Don't forget about Thoughtful Thursday. I am hoping to get out today. Goind on 2 hours of sleep...long story. I'm a mom, that's the story.... Get to know Kayleigh and Thoughtful Thursdays at

Go and be thoughtful!

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