Friday, April 24, 2009

Joshua is back in the hospital

Posted today by Joshua's mom:
Joshua Has Neutropenia and Jaundice
Posted 3 hours ago
Joshi's white blood cell count is down to just 45...the minimal they want it is over 500...please pray! He also has some spots that look like Jaundice. Please pray for this, his pain, and fever to go away and of course for a healing. We are so weary at this first leg of this journey. I pray that the Lord will send His angels to give us His strength to nurture Joshua back to health. Prayer Warriors it's time to get those knees dirty...PLEASE we beg of you to help us lift up our son in prayer to our Father God! We love you and thank you for whatever time that you can go to the throne of grace and approach the Father's High Priest, Jesus, and ask Him for mercy and grace on us and for healing on me and Joshua. Thanks again for any contribution!
Christ...The Cure All,
April 27 Update!!!
Joshua's white blood cells are zero...please pray that the Neupogen shots will help them rebound and start coming back up. Joshua still has not been able to eat because of Mucousitis. His fever has broke, praise the LORD! Joshua does not have Jaundice, he has hyperpigmentation...besides the fever...all of these conditions are caused from the chemo. Please pray that Joshua's condition will continue to improve and that we will see him cured this side of heaven.
Christ...The Cure All,


Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

I'm here...praying. Please tell Nadene that sweet Joshua is in our prayers. I'm so sorry for his pain and suffering. Poor, sweet baby. Praying for healing and comfort...please help, Lord Jesus.

Continued Prayers,

Leah said...

Keeping prayers going their way for complete healing.