Monday, April 13, 2009

Update on Joshua-April 14 (from his Mom)

We are in clinic right now about to be admitted to TC Thompson Room 316 (same as last time) for the start of Chemo Treatment Cycle 3. Please pray with us these next 42 days for a complete miracle in Joshua. You know the miracle can happen anyone of those days but we are waiting for an all clear on his lungs before a liver transplant can be considered. God is the miracle worker; we are merely the clay in his hand.
I pray God that you mold us into the image of your Son, Jesus. No matter the pain or heartache we face, we are only comforted by the grace of your presence. This valley is not too far from your reach. God please continue to hold us in the palm of your hand, the grip of your Son's, Jesus, grace...we know NOTHING can pluck us from your grasp. LORD, I pray you will do a wonder in Joshua's little body and the bodies of these other children who are suffering as much if not worse than my son, Joshua. God may your mercy fall from your throne of grace...fall on us Father and we will continue to praise your everlasting name. God, you are so GREAT and MIGHTY! I put my full trust in you even though I don't understand why sometimes...I trust in you fully! I love you, God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!
Christ...The Cure All,

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