Friday, April 3, 2009

fundraiser for Joshua!

T-Shirt Fund Raiser
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T-SHIRTS / Gray with orange writingFront: MATTHEW 18:5 / JESUS LOVES FIRSTBack: CHRIST...THE CURE ALL$15.00
All proceeds will go to family
Name: _____________________________
Phone #____________________________
Please check size & quantity (UNISEX)
Small_________ Can order any from infant to youthMedium_________ sizes_________________
2 X-LG_________
3 X-LG_________
4 X-LG_________
Cash or checks payable to Zion Hill Baptist Church
Michelle 263-5041
e-mail Nadene for now-
Information about Joshua...
Joshua Lee FreemanJLFJesus Loves FirstMatthew 18:5

Update on Joshua:

Stage 4 Hepatoblastoma Diagnosed 2/24/2009
Joshua has been sick off and on for sometime now. To the best of my recollection, he's been sick since November 2008. We would take him to either his pediatrician or his doctor in a family practice but they would treat his cancer as anything but. They did not know but something told us that there was more to his sickness than allergies, cold, virus, or a sinus infection. His pediatrician and family medicine doctors missed the cancer because they were not looking for cancer. Childhood cancer is rare...Joshua's cancer, Hepatoblastoma-liver cancer, has only about 100 cases reported in a year across the states. We praise the Lord that he gave us sense enough to take him to TC Thompson Children's Hospital. Joshua's recovery road is going to be a bumpy one but the Lord has been there the whole time guiding us to care for Joshua. Please do not ever take your kid or kids or for that matter anyone that you value for granted. This is one thing I know I cannot regret...thank you Lord for showing me that it is more important to give Joshua the time, love and understanding than the woes of the world.

Update March 29, 2009: Right now Joshua is going through his 2nd Cycle of Chemo Therapy. He will be done with this cycle, Lord willing, in a week. He is going to have one treatment tomorrow and the last one is next Monday. In a few days Joshua is going to have his scans done and then we may be making a trip up to Cincinnati, Ohio to their Cincinnati Children's Hospital. I know you are all praying because we see the Lord's work in Joshua everyday. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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