Monday, April 27, 2009

Our Body hurts

Our Body, Four Oaks Church, is hurting this week. Can you lose a limb and not feel it, not notice? A sweet couple in our church went full term with their twins, and this week, at their birth, one went home to be with Jesus.

I served in nursery and did not get to hear my Pastors response to our "family". So I am sitting here and listening at (click on sermons, April 26 edition) Of course, I am crying. Praying that our church is everything to this couple.

Answering the question to suffering will never be answered fully until we enter heaven. I can not imagine living this life, watching people I love hurt, and not knowing the answer is coming. My faith in a living God. A saving God. A Christ who knows my infirmaties and pains. This is what bears me up.

What is my foundation on? It is not on fairness. On perfection or a life without pain. But wholely on Jesus name. How will I react to life? The life ahead of me that I cannot plan for?

Lord Jesus make my foundatioin you....


Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

To answer your question...Yes...a Dreams of You Book and a Comfort Bear would be good gifts to send to your friend. You can email me for more info. I'm so sorry for your friend's great loss...we will be lifting them in prayer.



Michele said...

I am sending prayers for your friend from Church. Facing the loss of a child is the most difficult thing I've ever faced and it has ONLY been through God's help, the love of Christ, and the fellowship of our Church family (and our technical families) that we have made it through. Please let them know that if they need to talk, my husband and I would be happy to call or email.