Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Get your knees dirty for Joshua

Here is the latest update from Nadene. Little Joshua needs some dirty knees from all of us..

No Food For Now
Posted 4 hours ago
Sorry I haven't updated you all but I've been busy with Joshua and OH SO TIRED. Joshua has Slick Gut Syndrome his intestine has no Villi causing chronic diarrhea. We are getting TPN, Total Parenteral Nutrition, through the IV. This afternoon he got Platelets. Please pray for his condition to get better because Joshua is wearing us down asking for food and something to drink besides water.
On a funny note Joshua has 2 nurses named Renea but he calls one of them Kanay and the other nicknay for some reason. If that was not hilarious enough, the other day Kanay was changing out the Christmas Pole they hang the IV liquids from and Joshua noticed that the pole was empty...he proceeded to say, "Is that pole naked?" The nurse burst out laughing and said, "I guess it is."Joshua responded, "Are you going to take that naked pole down the hall?" We have such a good time listening to his witty remarks. Yesterday we were talking about going to the Ronald McDonald Room. He said to me, "Momma, are you going to the macaroni room?" I hope y'all enjoy these little nuggets of our happiness between the sorrow. Thanks again for all your prayers.
Christ...The Cure All,

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