Monday, April 6, 2009

I love this post from Joshua's mom..Hope you are still praying

Lesson's I Am Learning
Posted 16 hours ago
In moments that I thought I was walking in darkness...It was then that I was in the shadow of Your cross.The blood that was spilt...bathed me in your grace, mercy, and goodness.No matter the hardships I faced or the lifetime that's lost,Jesus is there with a loving embrace...all inspite of my unworthiness.Sometimes we think we are in charge of our should know God's the boss.Our godliness should not be because our knees buckle from the weight of worldliness.
When we cannot see the big picture...God does.It's been my lesson...He is the navigator of our lives whether we give him complete control or not.Our mission is to fellowship with God...We are God's first loves.Sometimes we reject God and it is not only hurting God's heart but also hurting OUR soul.It is not for us to get caught up in the STUFF that is or was.Believe me, stagnation will kill your soul's zest and take it's toll.Sudden Movements not put in check with God's will...don't place your trust.Coming back to God is like being released from prison but on parole.
What God cares about is our willingness to give of ourselves.He equips us with the knowleged to do His work.Brokenness is a part of His will and I should know it all too well.My heart is wounded, but not mortally, as I write these words.For it is...Joshua, my son, in desperate need for prayer and God to heal.I feel Satan is out there putting a cloud of doom over me...just wanting to lurk.I have faith and believe God will heal Joshua...I believe it is in His will.
Christ...The Cure All,
Joshua Lee Freeman JLF Jesus Loves First

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Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

Still praying. I've been a little overwhelmed lately with juggling the demands of family, full time work, and the ministry. My grandfather has been in the hospital and we've been visiting him as well. Looking forward to summer.

Please tell Nadene we are still praying for sweet Joshua...and for all of them...

Thank you for posting this.